Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Welcome to The EU-Nihilist

Here at The EU-Nihilist, we hope to bring together as much information about the mendacity of the European Union as possible into one place. More importantly, we hope to solicit essays and posts from as many EUnihilist and EUsceptic bloggers as possible.

Necessarily, since the team is likely to be comprised of a number of UKIP members—since it is the only "sensible" party who are advocating withdrawal from the EU, this will hardly come as a surprise—there are likely to be a number of briefings on UKIP policies. We do not intend to become solely a UKIP mouthpiece however: think of it more as a central repository of... er... a libertarian counter-insurgency!

The reason that I wanted to do this is because I have recently realised the full extent to which the MSM and our politicians disguise the massive role that the EU already plays in our politics and, thus, in our lives.

We hope that you will join us...